Monday, 24 October 2011


Finished commission.
Some drawing studies. Started a 100 figure thing below.

Peppy Hare from Starfox 64.

Photo studies

Been getting interested in pixel art. Did a study of one.

And some from my imagination, the first one was a spec art job someone asked me to do. I know doing spec art is a nono and yeah I don't think the job actually ever existed, but it got me interested in pixel art at the least.

A doodle from imagination, trying to force myself to include my lines into my stuff for awhile, because I need to learn to draw not paint.
A study of a portrait from Persona 3 that I saw laying around on the internet. Focusing mostly on the shapes and the lines. Really think the art is cool in that game, never played it. But I enjoy the music.

Till next time!!!

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